Enhancement Components

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Enhancement Components

Each year the department includes extracurricular workshops that nurture the students as individuals and, in turn, benefit their design process.

  • Nature Walk

    Enhancement component

    FIT Students have journeyed with children out into nature to learn about the environment.

  • Teaching Assistants

    Discover Together

    Through a unique educational program called Discover Together, students work as teaching assistants for the Pre-Kindergarten program in the local community.

  • Storytelling

    Enhancement component

    Twice a year, FIT Toy Design students participate in a storytelling event with children from a local school. A professional storyteller share’s traditional stories and the children write and illustrate a book with the help of Toy Design students.

  • Nutrition

    Enhancement component

    A Nutrition component, engaged students with a clinical nutritionist, who taught seven sessions on the health and eating habits of young people. Students then designed toys to educate children about food, with the nutritionist acting as consultant.

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On October 6, 2016

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